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A Sculpted Land

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A Sculpted Land by Penny Booth & Ffion Taverner (CP09)

Artist Ffion Taverner and photographer Penny Booth collaborate on a meditative project exploring the landscape of the Atacama Desert in Chile after the devastating floods of 2019 which saw some of the worst floods in its history.

"Impact and outcome
It seems gentle in this moment, even in its coming to be
it's only a change in time, Could you bloom?

This time
the aftermath of water,
emerged a new landscape, carving new pathways Holding new possibilities
textures, forms.

Merely visitors
We find our stage
cracked and layered
Peeling upwards from the ground A platform, A canvas

Built of clay, a sculpted land
The depth of orange
curves of salt
Ground as pigment, ground up earth The artist collaborates with you."

Hand dyed book thread from the Atacama Desert
De-bossed softcover
148mm x 210mm
36 pages
Digital printing

1st Edition of 50
November, 2020

Includes limited hand dyed print
Cover design & typesetting: Taxi Cab Industries