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Skudde by Kat Wood (CP12)

Skudde, a breed of sheep native to Lithuania and also the title of Kat Wood's new project is an unfiltered and personal account of shepherding a flock of sheep in Nida, Lithuania. A documentation of alternative agricultural grazing methods, the oldest and most natural way to preserve meadows and woodlands.

Working under the project title ‘The Shepherd’s Residency’ artist Kat Wood took on the role of the Shepherd during the summer of 2021, walking with a flock of sheep through Grobštas forest for several hours each day.

Skudde is split into three different publications; the first one features a mix of portraits and landscapes, highlighting scientific research by Curonian Spit National Park, alongside raw photographs of lambing, dog attacks and friendships. The second draws parallels between the experience of Shepherding in Lithuania to Wood’s experience of hill-farming in the North of England. The last publication is a documentation of textiles and wooden frames Wood has produced using by-products from the project. All three publications are bound using hand spun sheeps wool from the flock of sheep and are bound into one hard-back case.

Hard-case cover
Hand sewn
280 x 210mm
Foil blocked cover
Digital printing

1st Edition of 70
April 2022